3 Unhealthy Habits You May Want to Change as an Introvert

Introvertedness is not an Identity

Yeah I said it. You are not your introvertedness. Don’t try to make it so. The recent online flurry of everyone claiming to be an introvert so they don’t have to do uncomfortable things is no good for anyone. It helps shield any flaws or gaps we may have in ourselves (only really visible to ourselves) if we start thinking any introverted tendency is ‘cool’.

Introvertedness if not a Gene

There isn’t a gene in your body that determines if you are an introvert. The point is there is no black or white. Who you are and what you end up liking is the complex sum of your experiences, upbringing, tendencies and mindset (ok and genetics). But the point is, you don’t have to think you are one or the other.

You are Not your Mind

The biggest mistake of modern living is people assuming they are their mind. We have hundreds of thoughts per second, some reflexive, reactionary and other intentional (although you and I both know, conscious thought probably accounts for 5% of your daily thoughts). If you have an invasive thought about what would happen if you suddenly drop kicked your poor old grandma, it doesn’t mean you are evil.



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